Meet Our Donors

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Meet Our Donors

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An Innovative Teen with a Desire to Help

At just 17 years old, the philanthropic, innovative spirit, and the desire to help others that Niha Sohail shows is inspiring. With aspirations to pursue a career in medicine, specifically to become a doctor, her goal is to eventually become a part of the frontline healthcare workers who are working hard to care for our communities now and always. Early after the COVID-19 pandemic was announced, Niha knew she wanted to help. 

Niha quickly began creating personal protective equipment (PPE) from a prototype provided to her by a friend (Dr. Shazia Ambreen). She specifically created and donated disposable hoods to hospitals near where she lives in the GTA – but she wanted to extend her generosity even further. Dr. Shazia Ambreen introduced her to Dr. El-Zabet, an Anesthesiologist at NHH, who helped her coordinate a donation of these hoods to NHH, which are now being used in our Surgical Services Department.

Thank you, Niha, for helping to protect the NHH team and so many other frontline healthcare workers!

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