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Meet Our Donors

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In Remembrance of

Barbara and Nicholas O’Nians.

We were honoured to recently meet Kathy and Janet - daughters of Barbara and Nick O’Nians. They stopped into the hospital to make a special gift in honour of their parents.

"On behalf of Janet and I, it is with great pleasure that we make this gift in the amount of $50,000 in memory of our parents, Barbara and Nicholas O’Nians. As you know, the Northumberland Hills Hospital was near and dear to their hearts and our Dad in particular was passionate about his involvement with the hospital. Over the years, my sister and I have had many opportunities to hear about the challenges facing the hospital and to hear Dad’s thoughts on what might be done to address a number of the tough issues. Equally, we shared many of the proud moments when he spoke of the results of the hard work and contributions of Board members,staff and the community.

From the first time Dad provided a “tour” of a big empty field that was to become the site of the hospital to the very detailed descriptions of the construction process and specifications for a room for the MRI equipment, we certainly have felt connected in some small way to the hospital.

We experienced first-hand the professionalism and caring of staff when our mother suffered a stroke, landing her in hospital with many long weeks in the rehab unit and later with her last stroke, spending her final days in palliative care. I personally was often struck during my visits by how much value was placed on patient care and making family feel welcome and comfortable and how thankful I was for that.

Our parents believed strongly in “community” and their support of the hospital gave them great pleasure. Dad in particular often speculated as to whether his involvement with the Board made a difference and there is no question in my mind or Janet’s that he did. We know that this gift will further support the outstanding work of the Northumberland Hills Hospital Foundation." Yours truly, Kathy McGuire.

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