Meet Our Donors

By showing your support, you might inspire others to do the same

Meet Our Donors

Your gift offers more than just better health in our community

Meet Daphne

She’s a Philanthropist.

As a young girl growing up on the eastern side of England, Daphne Svenningson had an incredible zest for life and passion for adventure. It was that same sense of adventure that led Daphne to travel to Canada in 1950. After a short stay with a wonderful family, Daphne and a new girlfriend she had met rented an apartment in Toronto. “What a time we had!” enthuses Daphne. “There were lots of parties.”

It was while attending one of those parties that Daphne met the man who soon became her husband. Bancroft (Ban) Svenningson and Daphne married in 1950 and over the next several years they welcomed three children into their family – two daughters and a son. After living for a time in Oakville and Thornhill, Ban and Daphne bought a home in Cavan Township before finally purchasing the home Daphne now resides in on one of Port Hope’s prettiest streets. Sadly Ban passed away in 1998.

Since this time, Daphne has thrown herself into her many passions. She loves flowers and beautiful gardens, she’s a fabulous photographer and she loves the theatre. Daphne is a proud supporter of The Capitol Theatre. With her son in the theatre business, it only makes sense to her to support the arts.

Over the past decade, Daphne has also made the Northumberland Hills Hospital Foundation a recipient of her generosity. Daphne loyally supports the care that the hospital provides to the patients of our community. “It’s very important to me because the hospital does so much for so many people. A hospital can help bring peace, care, comfort and relief from pain,” states Daphne.

“If you believe in something, you really should do what you can to support it – if you can”, she adds, “and I’m lucky enough to be able to do so.”

Daphne, the hospital truly appreciates what you do to help your fellow citizens of this County. We feel so fortunate to count you amongst our most loyal supporters. Thank you.

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