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Meet Our Donors

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Meet Ken Goodwin

He's a Philanthropist.

The commercial says…”just imagine the freedom.”  For one local man, he didn’t have to just imagine it…he experienced it.  On July 13, 1991, Ken Goodwin won $10 million in Lotto 649.  At that time, this was one of the largest prize amounts offered in Canadian lotto history and he was sitting at home watching the numbers roll in on live television.

“I never watched the lottery results, but as strange as it sounds, I was watching that night,” shares Goodwin.  “It was a Saturday - and first thing Monday morning a friend drove me into Toronto to collect my prize.”  He’s never looked back since.

Ken first arrived in Cobourg in 1963 at the age of 25.  “Opportunity knocked, so I opened the door and came to Cobourg,” says Goodwin.  For the next decade he drove a transport truck before switching careers and selling real estate.  After his lottery win, he purchased Fisher’s Foodland in Cobourg before  selling it in 2014 to officially retire.

“The people of Northumberland County can count their lucky stars that Ken thinks so highly of Northumberland Hills Hospital,” says Rhonda Cunningham, Executive Director of Northumberland Hills Hospital Foundation.  “They say there’s no co-relation between wealth and generosity – and that can be true – but for Ken, he has proven time and again that this is not his case.”

“It was Bob MacCoubrey who first approached me to support projects in the community,” says Ken.  “He convinced me to give to the campaign to build a new library and then of course he came to see me about building a new hospital.  He was such a great guy – how could I say no to him?”

In 2000 and again in 2007, Ken pledged significant financial support to the campaigns to build the Northumberland Hills Hospital and purchase an MRI.  He’s also been known to call the Foundation to ask if there’s a specific piece of equipment that we’re hoping to buy.  There always is…and he makes it happen.  Most recently he became aware that a portable ultrasound machine was high on the priority capital list.  So he bought it.

For sixteen (16) years, Fisher’s Foodland was the presenting sponsor of the NHH Foundation’s annual golf tournament.  He played in many of those events with his son Reed and several of his employees and suppliers.

When you add it all together, in the last 20 years, Ken has donated close to $1 million.

“Being recognized for his generosity isn’t easy for Ken,” says Cunningham.  For years I wanted to write about him and he’s always turned me down.  He doesn’t like the spot light.  But after many attempts, he finally relented.  I’m so glad that we’re able to shine a light on all that he has done for this hospital, our staff and ultimately our community.  He’s made so much possible and we’re proud to count him as one of our closest supporters and best of all, friend.

Thank you Ken!  We appreciate everything you do.

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