Meet Our Donors

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Meet Our Donors

Your gift offers more than just better health in our community

Meet Terry and Gillian

They are Philanthropists.

In 1989, Gillian Snook had the opportunity to become a partner in a local travel company.  Leaving Toronto behind, she settled in Port Hope to begin the next chapter of her life.  Originally from Jamaica, Gillian immigrated to Canada in 1970. In 1966, her husband Terry Sutcliffe also immigrated to Canada from the United Kingdom; and after first residing in Montreal, he eventually found his way to Cobourg where he raised his three daughters while working at General Motors as an engineering designer.

 It was their love of local theatre that brought Terry and Gillian together.  With both sharing a passion for community theatre, it was only a matter of time before their paths crossed. After meeting in 1989, they married in 2000 and now reside in West Park Village in Cobourg.

 Their shared interests are many.  They enjoy badminton, are members of the Port Hope Lawn Bowling Club, and have an intense interest in travel.  “We travel as much as we can,” says Gillian, “at every opportunity we get.”  This year alone they have already travelled to Antigua, Grenada, Newfoundland, and soon will travel to Antigua once again.

 Luckily for Northumberland Hills Hospital Foundation – they also have a shared interest in supporting excellent health care services close to home.  For many years now, they have made it a priority to provide financial support to their hospital.  “We firmly believe that charity begins close to home so we like to support organizations right here in our own community,” states Gillian.  “As a community we are so fortunate to have this hospital,” adds Terry.

 Even though their support has spanned many years, it was only two months ago that Gillian had her first overnight stay in the hospital.  “I can’t tell you have fabulous the staff were.  The nurses were terrific.”

 Gillian and Terry support the hospital differently.  Terry likes to spread his support over the course of the year so he has become a monthly donor. “It’s just so convenient and easy for me to do this,” he says.  Gillian on the other hand likes to make an annual donation funded with appreciated securities.  “This is also an easy thing to do and I’m provided with an advantage tax-wise because I don’t pay any capital gains on the appreciation on the shares.”

 Its people like Gillian and Terry that ensure our patients have access to a first-class facility with excellent medical equipment.  Thank you both for all that you do to keep our hospital strong.  Bon Voyage!

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