Meet Our Donors

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Meet Our Donors

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Meet Tony Pulla

He's a Philanthropist.

As a young boy growing up in Italy, I don’t suspect that Tony dreamed of one day growing up to be a philanthropist – yet this in indeed what he is. Well known for his generosity, Tony quite simply believes in supporting those causes that are close to his heart. This includes the Northumberland Hills Hospital Foundation where Tony has donated close to $85,000 in the last 13 years.

Tony has called Northumberland County his home since 1974. For the past 38 years he worked as one of Northumberland County’s most successful real estate agents. This County is his home and Tony believes that the sum total of all our parts (Cobourg, Port Hope, Colborne, Grafton, etc.) makes this region one of the best there is in Canada. “I recently had a cousin visiting from Italy and I took him on a tour of all my favourite places,” states Tony. My cousin couldn’t believe the beauty of our County – he said it was like Tuscany! So lush, so green. I hope the people who call Northumberland County home appreciate what they’ve got.” This includes the first-class facilities that we have access to including the new Cobourg Community Centre, Northumberland YMCA, the Capitol Theatre, the Ganaraska Trail, and of course our hospital. “Health is a big issue locally because of our demographics,“ adds Tony. A large percentage of my business is serving members of the “Boomer Generation” that have chosen to take advantage of all that our area has to offer and to them health services is the No. 1 priority when finally deciding to move here. It’s important that we have a strong hospital and that’s why I support it.”

Yet fortunately for Tony, he has never had to use the services of our hospital. “I’m a lucky man. My mom is 92 years of age so I know I’ve got good genes. But my clients use the hospital and I’ve heard a lot of good things about the facility and the staff who work there.” Tony lives in Cobourg with his life partner Jan Rosamond and has three children and four grandchildren. “I think it speaks volumes about Northumberland County and the accomplishments of its citizens who are working together for the betterment of all.”
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