Meet Our Donors

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Meet Our Donors

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Meet Frances DuBroy

Frances DuBroy is not originally from Northumberland County, but has established many connections since moving to the area in 2014. One such connection is with NHH. 

Frances has experienced first-hand the difference having quality care close to home can make in the lives of not only those receiving it, but in the lives of their loved ones. Her brother Dr. Michael DuBroy, PhD was in the Palliative Care Unit at NHH on more than one occasion. Michael had been receiving excellent care at his home, but in the final month of his life, he specifically asked to return to NHH. This experience is a memorable one for Frances’ family and they are grateful for how the team in the Palliative Care Unit treated Michael with dignity and compassion, ensuring he lived his remaining time in comfort.

“I think it is important to have access to quality care in our community because, no matter what age you are, if you become ill, or sustain an injury, the timing of treatment and access to a hospital could make a significant difference,” shares Frances.

She hopes her contributions will help put NHH on equal footing with larger hospitals and ensure access to cutting-edge technology and equipment locally. Though Frances did not always call Northumberland County home, this has become her community – filled with friends, family, and organizations she cares deeply about – and she wants to do her part to help ensure NHH is well-equipped to continue to care for it.

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