Meet Our Donors

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Meet Our Donors

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The Importance of Family

Nothing made Sandy MacGregor happier than when his family was all together. He and his wife Eliane met and were married in Peterborough, but it was in Cobourg where they started their family and built their life together – this was their community. 

Sandy started his career in 1970 as a professor in Math and Business at Sir Sandford Fleming College in Peterborough. He met Eliane during his two years teaching there and in 1972, they moved to Cobourg where Sandy became the Director of the Lakeshore Campus, and played a major role in its development. After about 16 years at the College, Sandy and Eliane decided to pursue self-employment and work together as a team until their retirement.

At 72 years old, Sandy was a healthy and active husband, father, and grandfather. He enjoyed walking, golf, and most importantly, spending time with Eliane; their three children, Jason, Michele, and Mark, as well as their partners; and their four grandchildren, Grace, Alicia, Alek, and Tristan. There were no signs of the health problems that would lead to his stay in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and his sudden passing from a heart complication in September of 2019.

While Sandy's illness was sudden, his family spent several days by his side, taking some comfort in a family lounge near Sandy's room. For them, this lounge became a place where they could laugh, cry, eat, sleep, and ultimately be together with some comforts of home – all while remaining close.

After Sandy’s passing, his family wanted to help other families in our community going through similar situations. Knowing what having a family lounge had meant for them, they decided to fund a complete refresh of NHH's ICU lounge in Sandy’s name so that future families and loved ones of ICU patients have a comfortable refuge close by.

Sandy’s family would like to express sincere gratitude to members of the community, Sandy’s family and friends for all of the generous donations that made this project possible and allowed them to both honour Sandy and help other families in the future.

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