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Meet Our Donors

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You Have A Tumor! By Elizabeth Edwards

In October, the NHH Foundation received a significant donation from Elizabeth Edwards.  What prompted Elizabeth to make this gift?  A health scare that placed her right in the throes of what a hospital means to its community.  Here, Elizabeth recounts her experience:

You Have A Tumor!

“You have a tumor,” said Dr. Al-Ali.  WHAT? “And, we’ll need to set up a time for an operation.” WHAT? “Then we will know whether you’ll need further treatment.” WHAT?

I was more incredulous than shocked by this news, because I’ve made it through life without a single serious medical problem.

Overnight, Northumberland Hills Hospital became important to me.  I asked others about their experience with the hospital, the surgeons, the nurses, and asked around as to who were the best anesthetists (loss of control is big to me).  Is the hospital as good as a city hospital?  (As if I would know!) I feel a sense of shame that I had such silly and baseless notions about our hospital’s competence. 

My operation was a success.  During my 2-night stay, I observed the antics of other patients, and paid particular attention to the nursing staff.  On our floor, there happened to be a patient that caused so much strife – day and night. Yet the nursing staff showed only compassion and a remarkable patience towards this man.  During the day, I walked the corridors and for the first time in my life, realized how very, very, lucky I am.  I saw some very ill patients and others in stages of dementia, some far too young to be there, and others without much hope of ever getting better.

Over the past year, I often think how very fortunate we are to live in this county and have such a fantastic facility.  I often think of those hard-working, kind and caring nurses, the doctors, and the myriad of volunteers who make the hospital work.

There is always a need to adapt, change and grow with the demands and pressure of a changing population.  I’m now clear.  I’m fully committed to support this facility how and where I can.  I want my hospital to be there when I need it.

Elizabeth Edwards
November 1st, 2018

Elizabeth, thank you for such an incredibly generous gift.  Your generosity will help us continue to provide the very best care to our community when they need us most.

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