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Your gift offers more than just better health in our community

Latest News

Your gift offers more than just better health in our community

Fourth Operating Room at NHH Made Possible by Generous Community Donation

Fourth Operating Room at NHH Made Possible by Generous Community Donation


January 9, 2024

NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY – Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) Foundation is celebrating a significant gift from William B.G. Humphries’ Radlett Foundation of $2.538 million towards the Exceptional Community, Exceptional Care campaign. This generous gift will allow the hospital to build and equip a fourth operating room – a priority project identified within the campaign.

William (Bill) Humphries, who passed away in 2020, was a generous man throughout his life, committed to improving the lives of others. Though he supported many charities over the years, he did so anonymously, and he was known more behind the scenes as a man of his word, whose quiet generosity would positively impact the lives of many.

Upon his passing, Bill named three Trustees to oversee The Radlett Foundation – a foundation he established to continue his charitable endeavours. It was these three Trustees who coordinated the gift to the hospital.

“Bill was a discreet gentleman,” remembers Don McQuigge, one of the Trustees. “When we were discussing the possibility of a gift to support a new operating room at NHH, we asked ourselves, ‘what would Bill do?’ and we felt that the benefits this gift could have on the lives of so many people, from a variety backgrounds, was something he would stand behind. We are pleased to be able to direct and coordinate this gift and to be able to celebrate his legacy in this way.”

“We are incredibly grateful to Bill Humphries and his Trustees for making our vision a reality,” shares Rhonda Cunningham, NHH Foundation CEO. “While I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Bill myself, I have heard many stories of his kindness towards his friends and the greater humankind. This donation truly shows how philanthropy can bring to life visionary projects and allow us to evolve and change to meet the needs of our community.”

“This gift is a huge step forward in our campaign and a true boost of confidence for our volunteer team as we continue to work towards our goal,” says Hank Vandermeer, Campaign Chair. “It has shown the magnitude of generosity that exists in our community. We are incredibly thankful.”

“The development of a fourth OR aligns with NHH’s Strategic Plan’s first priority—bringing care close to home,” says President and CEO Susan Walsh. “The addition of a fourth OR is not only an expansion of services, but also positions us to continue growing in tandem with the community of west Northumberland County. We are grateful for support from donors like Mr. Humphries, whose generosity helps to support the development and vitality of NHH.”

Construction of the fourth operating room at NHH is slated to commence in 2024.

“A fourth operating room will increase our local and regional surgical capacity and allow for a decrease in surgical wait times,” shares Dr. Andrew Stratford, Chief of Surgical Services. “It will also help us to attract and retain talented medical professionals and create the opportunity to explore bringing new surgical services to the area.”

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