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Your gift offers more than just better health in our community

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Your gift offers more than just better health in our community

NHH Foundation Celebrating Commitment from Long-Time Hospital Supporter

NHH Foundation Celebrating Commitment from Long-Time Hospital Supporter


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July 14, 2022

NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY – Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) Foundation is celebrating a leadership level pledge from long-time hospital supporter, Lynn Hardy.

Hardy started a career in finance in the 1980s and has worked locally since 1994, after moving to the area in 1992. Her love for this community is palpable.

“I always tell people: living here, you get six towns for the price of one,” says Hardy. “Everything is so connected, and you have ample opportunity to get involved in different ways and areas that interest you. I feel lucky to be a part of this community and to have been able to work here and get to know so many people over the past 28 years.”

It’s clear within minutes of talking to Hardy, she is a problem solver – a connector, a helper, and a passionate advocate for bettering her community. When she’s asked to help, whether with a cause, an individual, or an organization, she doesn’t wonder why she should or if she can help, she instead asks herself an important question: “Why wouldn’t I?”

The answer to this question – or perhaps the lack of answer – has gotten Hardy involved in many facets of the community she fell in love with after moving to Cobourg in 1992. Hardy has been an active Rotarian for 18 years, and her involvement with The Rotary Club of Cobourg has introduced her to many other community-minded individuals and people from different industries. Two of these individuals were instrumental in connecting her with NHH Foundation originally: Bob MacCoubrey and Bill Patchett. Both MacCoubrey and Patchett served in leadership volunteer roles during the fundraising campaign to build NHH, and she remembers being inspired by their dedication and integrity.

Since making her first gift more than 20 years ago, Hardy has become a member of the Caring for Generations Society, volunteered in a variety of capacities, including on the Foundation’s Board of Directors, Leaderships Gift Committee, Planned Giving Committee, and supported the organization in many other ways.

Another influence on Hardy’s involvement with NHH was her grandfather, who in addition to serving in World War I, was a doctor in the Toronto area. Her grandfather was an important presence in her life, and this is perhaps where she developed her desire to help others.

“When you need help, when you’re struggling with something – be it a health crisis or mental health issue – you can feel very alone,” says Hardy. “Knowing there is a place out there and people willing to help can make all the difference and I want to help ensure our Hospital is one of those places. From my own interactions with NHH, I have always felt people there try very hard to help – to work hard to find a ‘yes’ and not just settle for a ‘no.’ We’re lucky to have a strong hospital in our small community and I hope my gift will help keep it this way.”

NHH Foundation is far from the only local organization that has benefitted from Hardy’s generosity and dedication to her community. She currently serves as Chair of Ed’s House Northumberland Hospice Foundation Board, and has volunteered with Northumberland United Way, Clay Elliott Scholarship Foundation, Vintage Film Festival, Cobourg Library, and many other community organizations. In recognition of her contributions and long-time support of the hospital, a naming opportunity within NHH is pending.

“I have had the pleasure of watching Lynn improve the quality of life in our County for many years,” shares Rhonda Cunningham, Chief Executive Officer of NHH Foundation. “Her leadership shines across a multitude of organizations and causes – everything from literacy, to the arts, to healthcare, including NHH, and it’s a real privilege to be able to honour and recognize Lynn in this enduring way.”

Hardy’s most recent gift will help support NHH Foundation’s upcoming capital campaign. Set to be the largest fundraising campaign in both the hospital and Northumberland County’s history, Hardy understands the need for full community support for its success.

“It is amazing what can happen when people with a common goal unite,” says Hardy. “In supporting our hospital, our community has the power to make something even better, together.”

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